General guideline

From specialists we expect to be an active member of Whiskybase. Not only to wait for something to happen but to be on top of your area of expertise.

Found something online that should be added to Whiskybase, don't wait for someone else to submit a bottle or edit information: help us out. It saves you time as you have more options to submit something or approve modification to a bottle.

If you happen to see wrong information on Whiskybase use the "add/update info" option to submit the new information.

Specialist tools

1. As a specialist you should visit on a regular base your to-do-list which can be accessed over

2. When logged in into your account you have the option of the “admin”-button on the webpage. This is visible on the main menu or on mobile in the submenu item.

3. The last option would be the to-do list on your own dashboard which can be enabled by customising your dashboard: edit dashboard -> add widget -> specialist: ToDo.

After going one of the ways you get a screen looking similar like this (depending on if something is to-do in the area you are specialist for)


There are multiple activities for specialist, all depending on you area of expertise or your role on Whiskybase. The activities are assigned to you automatically. After a change, new photo or new bottle has been submitted you will see a notification in your to-do list.

The following activities can be found in this to-do list:

1. Whisky photos - Newly submitted whisky photos that are awaiting to be moderated, edited and approved.

2. Send a bottle - Newly submitted whiskies that await checking and approval.

3. Whisky changes - Submitted changes to bottles already accepted in the database. These can lead to new bottles after moderation.

4. Distillery changes - Submitted distillery changes like opening hours, descriptions.

5. Bottler changes - Submitted bottler changes like address information, descriptions, ownership.

6. Timeline changes - New timeline entries or changes to the timeline of a distilery.