The url for finding submitted photos is:

Claim (important that not 2 people work on same pic) some of photos you want to work on. Always start with oldest photos at the end of the list.

Make sure you have read the guideline for photo and picture editing. This is essential to keep a consistent setup of Whiskybase and the photos are displayed in the correct size.

  • Also always check for copyright violations, in doubt ask an Admin or Moderator.
  • If you deny a picture just write a few words “why”, this is very important! This will help to avoid the same photos being submitted again or a discussion to why a photo is not added. Therefor saving you time in the administration process.
  • Reasons to deny a photo can be: 
    • The label is not clearly visible
    • There is to much "noise" surrounding a bottle therefore we can't edit the photo correctly
    • This particular photo doesn't add something new to the current available photos
    • The resolution for the photo doesn't comply with the expected size / resolution of the photos in whiskybase.
  • Always think about the fact that someone is helping us out with good intentions. If something is not clear guide the member to the help section and see if we might have missed something.