Here you find the suggested changes for a bottle send in by members.


Always claim what you want to work on !

Here you also should keep some points in mind:

  • If the change is not obvious and no information is given, ask sender for more information.
  • Always do a plausibility check before you proceed
  • Price suggestions are not accepted (price changes can only occur with a proper shoplink, no edit is needed the shoplink will adjust the value of the bottle)
  • No auction price results are allowed to increase the value of the bottle. Even though the price might be different.
  • If you deny a change just write a few words “why”

Whisky changes can be submitted in error as the member who submitted the bottle can't check the original bottle that is already submitted to Whiskybase.

We see "changes" are submitted but those should actually be new bottles. Be careful in accepting changes without proper checking!

  • Check with the original submitter of the bottle if when in doubt. He / she might be able to give you a good reference if the submitted change should be accepted or denied and a new bottle should be created.
  • Asking for photos as proof can be helpful to read label changes or vintages.