Timeline changes are quite new to Whiskybase and will be developed in the common period.


The display and options of timelines are a bit restricted at the moment which also prevents people from submitting new timeline changes.

Timeline changes seem to come in batches where specialists update their area of expertise and keep track of major steps.

Keep in mind that timeline changes only consists of the following major events:

- opened

- closed

- mothballed

- demolished

- re-opened

- new owner

- new manager

- new still

- still closed

- special bottling

- brand

- special occasion

And finally a: Just text option, this just text option should not be used unless there is no other way to add some piece of very important historical information.

Most likely it is not important enough if it doesn't fit in any of the previous events and although it might be fun fact or a nice event it is something Whiskybase doesn't want to keep track of. But we might be wrong and just put in this option to give some room to see where the timeline changes lead to.

In case of any doubt contact one of the administrators.