You can buy a bottle in the Market like you would normally do in any webshop. The difference from other webshops is the fact that you are buying the bottles from individual sellers.

Whiskybase Market acts as a marketplace to facilitate the selling / buying process.

After adding the bottle to your shopping basket you can checkout the bottles and purchase the selected bottles.

As a buyer you will have to select the bottles you are interested in, pay for the bottles and accept the bottles.

This last step is a crucial part of the Market.

When the bottles are received and they are in good or agreed condition you accept the bottles in the Market dashboard.

This way the payment that has been made to the sellers account will be released.

In case you don't want to accept the bottles because they are not in received expected or agreed condition you can decline the bottles. 

This will start a procedure to return the bottles (you are responsible for that) to the seller.

If you don't accept or decline the bottles within 7 days after delivery the money will be released to the seller.