Fees for selling on Whiskybase

Modified on Tue, 11 Jun at 2:04 PM

When you sell a bottle there will be fees involved that are charged on the seller. 

The amount of fees is variable and depending on the used payment method, Paypal or Stripe. 

For orders that are processed by Paypal the fees will be:

Whiskybase charges a fixed fee of 5% from the bottle price, ex shipping costs. 

Paypal is charging a variable fee percentage based on the total order price, depending on country, amount, currency and a few other things.

Please check the fee document provided by Paypal (make sure you check the version that applies to your country):


There are several Paypal fee calculators available on the internet, this is also something worth to check.

Expect your total fee to be around 8%, depending on the currency used by the buyer and payment method.

For orders that are processed by Stripe:

there will be a fixed fee of 8% of the bottle price, ex. shipping costs. This fee is charged by Whiskybase and will be withdrawn from the payout amount the seller receives when an order is accepted. With the 8% Whiskybase will take care of the transaction fees that have to be paid to Stripe.

What is Whiskybase doing with the fee?

Whiskybase is a free to use platform and we are using the fee to pay for support costs, hosting costs and further development of the platform. With the sale of a bottle through the market you are supporting Whiskybase and can continue to use the platform to sell your bottles.

We also make sure you market items can be seen by our +200.000 members and 500.000 unique monthly visitors to Whiskybase.com.

To operate this we ask a small amount in return which we use to keep Whiskybase up and running.

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