Like on many other platform we use a feedback system. It's there to help you decide if the buyer / seller is trustworthy and delivers the quality you would expect.

Now a low feedback score doesn't mean someone is a bad buyer / seller but it's something you should look out for.

Feedback score

We use a 1 to 5 rating where 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. You can give a person an average score if you think everything is ok but not perfect.

We suggest that a score below 3 is only in the case something went wrong. This means damaged, the bottle was not as described or lost and the solution that was provided was not to your satisfaction.

 1 to 5 score.

Leave appropriate feedback

Use the option to provide feedback on the person you have been dealing with. Whether positive, negative or neutral, leaving feedback allows others in the Marketplace to benefit from your experience. We recommend that you first communicate with the other party before leaving any negative feedback. Explain to the person why you are leaving not a highest score.

Bid & Run

For fake buyers we have put a Bid & Run system in place. Meaning someone can buy a bottle on the market but for some reason doesn't pay within 7 days. We will mark this person with a Bid & Run. After receiving 5 Bid & Run marks we will block your market account.

Leaving feedback to a seller

As a buyer you can leave feedback to a seller after you received the bottle.

Leaving feedback to a buyer

As a seller you can leave feedback to a buyer after the buyer has accepted the bottle. You can rate the buyer for:

- Payment

- Problem solving

- Keeping appointments

If everything was to your satisfaction leave your rating which we suggest would be a 5.

If for some reason one of the elements was not needed (problem solving for instance) just score this the maximum amount (5).