What is Paypal marketplace?

Paypal recently changed the way the payments are processed. Their classic method is phased out and replaced with Paypal marketplace.
The main difference will be the way the payments are being processed. In the classic way we received all payments and released them to a seller when an order was accepted. This isn't allowed anymore, and means we can't operate as a 'in between' bank.
In the Paypal marketplace system the payments will be made directly to a sellers account i.s.o. the account of Whiskybase, but they will be on status blocked first.
When an order is accepted the payments will be released and become available in the account and the fee will be debited afterwards.

Can i still sell with a normal, personal paypal account?

Yes you can still use your regular Paypal account. Whiskybase already created a marketplace account and is available to use for all our end users. 
The Paypal classic method we always used will be phased out and all our sellers need to make a change in their sellers profile.
If you go to the edit page of your sellers profile you'll find the option to reconnect your existing Paypal account to our marketplace account so then all payments to you will be processed within our marketplace.

See also the article 'fees for selling on Whiskybase':