To set up your shipping rates and destinations, click on your profile name, which is located on the top right of the page and select Edit Profile. 

Select Market in the menu on the left.

Scroll down to Shipping rates and destinations and click on the button. This will open the Shipping Editor.

In this editor you select the countries you want to ship to. The shipping rates you enter will be paid by the buyer upon ordering. 

On the left side you see a list of continents. Click on the arrow next to a continent and a list with countries will appear. Now you can tick the countries  you want to ship to. If you want to ship to all countries in a continent you can tick the box next to het continent. 

- For each selected country you will have to add the shipping rates. If the shipping rates are the same for multiple countries, you can fill in the shipping rates in the main window and click on Apply to apply the entered rates for all the selected countries.  When shipping rates vary you can fill in the boxes behind each country.

- For each country the number of active Whiskybase members is shown. This will help you to decide how useful it will be to add a country. Click on 'Save' after you have filled in the shipping rates for the countries you want to ship to. You can always change the shipping rates afterwards.

Tip: selections will only be saved if you fill in the shipping rates for that selected country. Make sure you filled in all selected countries. 

Standard settings for shipping costs from the Netherlands

Which countries should I choose?

Choose only countries where you are allowed to ship to. Major shipping companies like DHL, TNT, DPD and UPS deliver parcels to almost any country in the world. You have to ask yourself if it is worth for the buyer to buy bottles if the shipping will be very expensive. It is probably not  useful to add countries with very high shipping costs to your list.

Warning: Russia, Ukraine and Canada do not allow import of alcoholic drinks through mail. If you ship to these countries they will usually send the parcel back to you. If you ship to one of these destinations the parcel will usually not be insured.

You are allowed to receive whisky in Taiwan, but there is a maximum of 5 liters per day per address.

the shipping costs has to be realistic and match the costs charged by the couriers. It's not allowed to use the shipping costs to earn money for the bottles you're selling