We have found out that a good photo of your bottle will help to stand out from the rest. People want to know what they are buying and a good photo will help.

The default photo will come from Whiskybase and if there is no photo available the placeholder image will be shown.

A placeholder image will not help you to sell your bottle. It doesn't help the buyer to decide which bottle to pick and sometimes there are multiple bottles available.

What should be shown in the photo?

The photo should clearly show the state of the bottle and box, case or tube. By using good photo you can prevent discussions with the buyer. 

Make sure you add photo in the following situations:

  • The label is damaged or stained
  • The box or tube is dented or damaged in any other way
  • The level in the bottle is higher or lower than normal
  • The seal is not perfect, it is damaged or unusual in any other way

If your bottle has a unique number or code we recommend you take a photo of that too. If the bottle was damaged during transport you can prove that that was in fact your bottle.