Whiskybase is keeping track of price information based on shoplinks. These shoplinks can be added to the database using the: add shoplink button.

A shoplink is added to the database right away. The price is not taken into the whiskybase average value information. This only will take place when a moderator or specialist has manually checked the link.

If the link is accepted the average price will be adjust automatically.

When a shoplink is declined the price wil not be updated and the shoplink is removed.

Shoplinks should link to a known webshop.  If the webshop doesn't exist in whiskybase you can add the shop.

We don't allow links to auction sites, marketplaces, craigslist or private websites.


At the moment of checking the shoplink should be valid and the bottle should still be available to purchase. It is not needed to be able to ship worldwide.

We allow shoplinks to shops that have a restricted shipping policy.