Once you signed up and logged into your account you should be able to use Whiskybase without problems.

There are a few occasions when your account doesn't work anymore or logging in is a problem.

Your username / password is incorrect

It can happen that you have forgotten your username / login combination. The easiest way to solve this is to request a new password.

Reset password

If you can't login to whiskybase you might want to reset your password. This can be done using your login name or email address. Please check your spam folder for a reset link. If after 30 minutes you have not received a password reset link, please get in touch through a support ticket.

Inactive account

It rarely happens but if our systems spot weird behaviour that is in violation against our general terms and conditions or goes against our fair use policy, an account can be set to inactive. If after a reset of your password you are still not able to login, please get in touch through a support ticket.