Using numbers or specific can be a great way to search for our database more specifically.  


Whiskybase ID Search:

Entering "40233" or "WB40223" - will find the the bottle with Whiskybase ID "40233"


General Numeric Search

Entering 2005 will return all results where “2005” appears and which can include:

-       Bottled year

-       Vintage year

-       Whiskybase ID

-       Cask number


Barcode Search

Entering "5000281005409" will find all the whiskies with this barcode.

Using ABV:

Searching for Ardbeg 10 46.0% or 46,0% will narrow down the results to all Ardbeg bottles that are 10 years old bottled at 46.0%.

To be released:

  • Date search - 11.12.1988 - will find all whiskies containing "11.12.1998" which could be a vintage date or a bottled date.
    • This can be extended to 12.1998 to get whiskies distilled in the December 1998 or bottled in December 1998
  • Bottle code - "L4273CM000" or any bottle code you find on a bottle, will help you find the specific bottle on whiskybase.

Until released both date search and bottle code search are still available in the older search option: