In rare cases we will disable accounts on Whiskybase. To create a safe and friendly environment on the Whiskybase platform we keep an eye out for activities that are not in line with our guidelines.

We have a few basic guidelines:

- treat other members like they are family: bullying, spamming or contacting members without consent can be seen as intrusive and will lead to removal from Whiskybase.

- dealing on the market is allowed under the whiskybase general terms. By registering for a seller or buyer account you accept these general terms. Behaviour not in line with these general terms can lead to dissabeling an account.

- contacting other members to sell / buy bottles outside the market is allowed except when these bottles are already available in the Market. This will also lead to disabelling your Whiskybase account.

For the rest you can discuss, contact and contribute to Whiskybase in any manor you like.