After signing up with Whiskybase you should verify your account.

We need some basic information who you are. This information is used to help us make sure you are receiving your money after your bottle has been received by the buyer.

Also in case of any problems our support team can reach out to you to solve any issues.

If your account is not verified you are not able to sell bottles on the Whiskybase market.

Before you can sell whisky on the marketplace you will have to set up your profile. 

To set up your profile, click on your profile name, which is located on the top right of the page and select Edit Profile

Select Market in the menu on the left.

First connect your Paypal account to your profile. Under the header Settings, fill in your Paypal e-mail address and click on Connect account... 

If the connection is made, you will see a green check mark and the text Your PayPal account is linked to your profile.

Scroll down to the header Seller details and fill in your address.

After that you add extra Shipping info in the field below. You can also use this space to advertise yourself or your company. Here are some examples of extra shipping information:

  • I only send on Mondays
  • I always add a free sample to the parcel
  • I double wrap the bottle

Now you can fill in your shipping rates. For more information on setting shipping rates see: Setup shipping rates