We have a set of rules for trading on Whiskybase Market:

1. Each participant at the Market has to act to their best of their knowledge and belief.

2. Whiskybase Market receives a fee of 5 to 8% of the price that is being paid for the bottle. This commission will be used to manage, maintain and improve the Market. There also can be additional fees from Paypal in case Paypal is used for the payment, which are calculated separate. You can read more about this here

3. Offer only bottles for sale if you are absolutely sure the bottle and the contents are genuine. Bottles must have their original seal.

4. The Whiskybase Market Administration Team  (WMAT) arbitrates in disputes between buyer and seller. WMAT decides on payment and on refunding any extra costs that may have been made. 

5. After payment the seller sends the parcel to the buyer as soon as possible.

6. The whisky has to be packed properly to prevent damages. It is important to pack according to the rules and guidelines of the shipping company in order to make sure the parcel is insured.

7. The buyer has to confirm the arrival of the parcel and must accept or refuse the parcel as soon as possible. 

8. When an order doesn't fulfill the buyer's expectation, for example when it's the wrong bottle, the bottle is damaged, or doesn't match with the description in the seller's original offered bottle, the buyer has the right to cancel the transaction within 7 days after receiving the parcel. If the buyer has already received the parcel he will have to return it, through registered and insured mail, at his own account, as soon as possible.

9. Whiskydrinkers are gentlemen. He or she will always communicate respectfully and in a polite manner.